Borovtsov & Salei at the forum of corporate lawyers

Partner Nadezhda Znak, as an expert, took part in X Belarusian Forum of Corporate Lawyers, which took place on October 28, 2022.

Within the block “Foreign economic activities: changes from September 1. Difficult issues” the following aspects were discussed: non-ordinary issues arising in connection with the procedure for execution of foreign trade agreements; specifics of debt release within import and export transactions; problems of debt transfer, assignment of claims and set-off under foreign trade agreements.

Nadezhda highlighted the following topics: (im)possibility of debt release under a foreign trade agreement, currency and other risks for a resident, potential civil, tax and administrative consequences of such a transaction. She expressed opinion on possibility of debt release between commercial organizations and advantages of other ways to terminate obligations – compensation for termination of agreement and novation.