The Hi-Tech Park Supervisory Board regulates the activities of digital signs (tokens) market participants

In May 2023, the HTP Supervisory Board approved

Rules for the implementation of activities related to the provision of services for the implementation of transactions (operations) with digital signs (tokens) in the interests of other persons, as well as adjusted

Regulation on the requirements individual applicants must meet in order to register them as residents of the Hi-Tech Park.

These acts establish special requirements for participants in the digital signs (tokens) market and regulate the activities of crypto brokers.

Crypto brokers - residents of the HTP have the right, on their own behalf, on behalf of and at the expense of clients, to carry out operations for the acquisition, alienation and exchange of tokens. At the same time, such operations can only be carried out through the operator of the crypto platform.

Defined in particular:

 requirements for HTP residents who wish to carry out transactions with tokens in the interests of other persons, including consulting services on the implementation of such transactions (operations):

• an appropriate definition of the type of activity in the business project, namely, the implementation of other activities using tokens, including those containing signs of professional and exchange activities in securities, investment fund activities, securitization, as well as the implementation of operations for the creation and placement of own tokens, regarding the provision of services for the implementation of transactions (operations) with tokens in the interests of other persons;

authorized capital, formed in cash, not less than 500,000 bel. rubles;

• conclusion of an appropriate agreement with the HTP Administration (Secretariat of the Supervisory Board);

• conditions for their implementation of such activities, including qualification requirements for employees carrying out relevant operations (a qualification certificate of a securities market specialist of the first category);

 forms and procedure for establishing contractual relations with clients (commission agreement, services agreement, assurances of circumstances), implementation of the obligation to inform clients and the procedure for providing them with services for transactions with tokens,

 the order of interaction with the operator of the cryptoplatform.

Thus, at the moment, mandatory rules and requirements have been established for crypto brokers and the procedure for their activities in the Hi-Tech Park.