Accounts receivable: effective recovery

On July 24, Borovtsov & Salei partner Nadezhda Znak took part as a speaker in the online seminar "Accounts Receivable in Construction: Effective Recovery, Dispute Resolution Practice".

The presentation covered a wide range of issues:

how to prevent the emergence of receivables,

what to pay attention to and what to offer the debtor in negotiations,

what are the advantages of writ proceedings over lawsuit proceedings and what to pay attention to within the framework of the writ proceedings procedure,

what is the order of transition from writ proceedings to action proceedings,

specifics of claim proceedings, statement of claim and court order,

interim measures for the recovery of large accounts receivable,

conditions of execution and algorithm of collection of accounts receivable through the notary's writ of execution.

Based on many years of experience and practice, the plaintiff's and defendant's mistakes in the order and action proceedings were analyzed: in calculating the limitation period; in pre-trial dispute resolution; in calculating penalties and interest for the use of other people's money; in paying the state duty; the speaker's recommendations on the identified problematic issues were given.

We are grateful for the organization of the event to "Yurist" Magazine and the Educational Center "Professional Interest".