Creation of a legal entity by an individual entrepreneur: new rules, old issues

The Law of the Republic of Belarus dated April 22, 2024 No. 365-Z “On Amendments to Laws on Business Issues” was adopted, establishing special rules for the creation of a commercial organization by an individual entrepreneur.

What are the features of the creation and state registration of a legal entity created by an individual entrepreneur, how the transfer of rights and obligations from an individual entrepreneur to a legal entity occurs and who signs the transfer deed, is it necessary to conclude an employment contract with the director if he is the sole founder of the created commercial organization and who signs such an agreement, what are the features of taxation during the transition period, under what conditions does the director have the right to perform the functions of an accountant (taking into account the fact that the structure of small businesses is changing).

This and other nuances of creating a commercial organization by an individual entrepreneur are discussed in our article.

Personal Data: How to Reduce Risks of Liability

The issue of ensuring lawful and transparent processing of personal data and taking measures to protect them is extremely relevant for all entities in both the national and international segments of business relations currently.

We have experience in preparing a package of documents in the field of personal data processing, conducting document reviews, including those of foreign organizations, developing optimal chains of relationships between Co-operators (between the operator and the authorized person) and ensuring their legal interaction.

We would be delighted to be of service to you.

Associations of owners of non-residential premises: topical issues

Publications from Borovtsov & Salei on the topic "Associations of owners of non-residential premises: topical issues"

Senior Associate Anna Skorodulina presents the problems of legal regulation of the activities of associations of owners of non-residential capital structures (buildings) and participation in them.

How to choose legal form of doing business

Article of Borovtsov & Salei: How to choose optimal organizational and legal form of doing business, taking into account specifics of Belarusian legislation. For comparison, the most common forms of doing business are closed joint-stock company (CJSC), limited liability company (LLC), private unitary enterprise (PUE).

Choice of optimal form of doing business is indispensably related to effectiveness of its activities and should be based on comprehensive assessment of systematically processed advantages and disadvantages of each of the forms.