Associations of owners of non-residential premises: topical issues

Publications from Borovtsov & Salei on the topic "Associations of owners of non-residential premises: topical issues"

Senior Associate Anna Skorodulina presents the problems of legal regulation of the activities of associations of owners of non-residential capital structures (buildings) and participation in them.

How to choose legal form of doing business

Article of Borovtsov & Salei: How to choose optimal organizational and legal form of doing business, taking into account specifics of Belarusian legislation. For comparison, the most common forms of doing business are closed joint-stock company (CJSC), limited liability company (LLC), private unitary enterprise (PUE).

Choice of optimal form of doing business is indispensably related to effectiveness of its activities and should be based on comprehensive assessment of systematically processed advantages and disadvantages of each of the forms.