On restrictions on the use of dividends by foreign participants

Edict of the President No. 285 of September 13, 2023 "On Special Accounts" regulates the procedure for receipt of distributed profits (dividends) by foreign participants when applying special restrictive measures. Restrictions on the use of funds in special accounts have been introduced.

Effective date – September 16, 2023.

Important: Edict No. 285 determines the procedure for the functioning of special accounts opened in case of application of a special restrictive measure. Such a special restrictive measure is introduced by a decision of the Council of Ministers of Belarus in the form of Resolution.

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Registration of currency contracts

On October 01, 2023 the new edition of the Instruction on registration of currency contracts by residents will come into force

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Attention: Entry into force of this normative document requires examination of previously concluded currency agreements as well.

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The Hi-Tech Park Supervisory Board regulates the activities of digital signs (tokens) market participants

In May 2023, the HTP Supervisory Board approved

Rules for the implementation of activities related to the provision of services for the implementation of transactions (operations) with digital signs (tokens) in the interests of other persons, as well as adjusted

Regulation on the requirements individual applicants must meet in order to register them as residents of the Hi-Tech Park.

These acts establish special requirements for participants in the digital signs (tokens) market and regulate the activities of crypto brokers.

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