Borovtsov & Salei age 29 !

Today is our 29th birthday!

Today is our 29th birthday! In a person's life it is usually the age when values, principles and guidelines are reassessed. It is not about us. We live and work obeying the law, basing on the principles of the rule of law, integrity and reasonableness, we value each of our clients, respect our colleagues, believe in ourselves and our future. While we are together, the story of Borovtsov & Salei continues!




To pharmaceutical manufacturers' attention: the Ministry of Health is changing the rules

IMPORTANT for representatives of pharmaceutical manufacturers

Significant changes have been made to the Instruction on procedure and conditions for informing medical and pharmaceutical workers about pharmaceuticals, included in the State Register of Medicines of the Republic of Belarus, by representatives of pharmaceutical manufacturers.

Changes to the Instructions come into force from January 18, 2023.

More details in our article.

Borovtsov & Salei has many years of experience in supporting the activities of companies in the pharmaceutical industry and is ready to provide you with the necessary assistance and advice.

Emergency laws passed

The beginning of the year was marked by the adoption of three emergency laws as a "response to existing threats to the national interests of the Republic of Belarus in the regime of special restrictive measures":

Law “On seizure of property”;

Law “On issues concerning transfer under temporary external control”;

Law “On the limitation of exclusive rights to intellectual property objects”.

Effective January 17, 2023.

Practice from Borovtsov & Salei on foreign trade contracts

On December 22, 2022, partner Znak Nadezhda took part in online seminar on the topic “Currency agreement and non-monetary termination of obligations under foreign trade agreement”.

The speech paid attention to practical difficulties in concluding and executing foreign trade contracts, explained the differences and cases of assignment of a claim, transfer of debt, execution by a third party and execution in favor of a third party.


2022 Newsletters from Borovtsov & Salei

We are pleased to present to your attention the quarterly Newsletters Borovtsov & Salei for 2022, in which we have identified the most significant legislative changes of the outgoing year. In our opinion, they not only determine the rules of the game for today, but also to a certain extent allow predicting tomorrow.